How it works

Turn your piles of kids artwork from school, crafts, and projects into Modern Wall Art that everyone can be proud of and see displayed.

  1. Pick your artwork display design
  2. Send us kids art and crafts via email or online
  3. We will send you a professionally designed and printed Wall Art personalized with your child's artwork.


How to photograph kids' artwork

  1. Place artwork in a well lit area with good natural light. Avoid direct sunlight and flash as it can create shadows. (Near a window, on a covered deck or in an open doorway)
  2. Place the artwork on a desk or the floor and stand directly above, so your camera can be parallel to the art piece (Frame the whole artwork in the viewfinder and ensure the edges are straight)
  3. Make sure the artwork is in focus, switch to landscape mode if you have trouble. (Increase the distance between the lens and artwork and use a plain solid background)