10 Ways to Display Kids Art

Kids spend hours drawing, coloring, making crafts, and painting. We have endless stacks of artwork, often not sure what to do with it all. We feel guilty for throwing it away but don't have to deal with figuring out what to do with it. The kids art can pile up and clutter a counter, or drawer and evenly overflow and seem overwhelming to find a solution. We have found 10 simple and easy ways to display and organize your kids art.


Here are some of our favorite ways to display kids artwork:


1.  Create a Kids Art Print

Have a personalized collage created to showcase multiple little masterpieces into one beautiful modern kids artwork display.  These kid art posters can display up to 12 artworks in a single frame.  These posters are professionally designed, simply send in photos of your child's art and ITSYART takes care of touching up the artwork images, design and organize them into a wonderful collage print.  Just frame and display your unique kids artwork display as a focal piece for your home.

Displaying kids artwork as a print or poster

Learn more about creating your own kids art displays


2.  Hanging art is a perfect way to showcase kids artwork. 

Do you need a clean way to hold artwork your child brings home from school?  Try a multiple purpose frames that storage multiple images in a single frame until you have the chance to take photos to archive and treasure forever.  These frames come in different sizes and colors to allow you to match your home.  Place them in the kitchen or hallway so you can conveniently place art into it as soon as it comes home. so you don't have piles of artwork to organize later.

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